Monday, January 28, 2008

Oprah, Brittney and Hillary

Maybe Oprah should run for President. Brittney or Hillary for VP

Bush, Cruise, Obama

Gerorge Bush, Tom Cruise, Barack Obama

George Bush definitely in the lead here, but Tom Cruise occasionally gives him a run for his money, and Barack coming on strong.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Linux vs Windows: a race towards irrelevance

In the tech world, Linux versus Windows has been a long point of interest and contention. Among Internet users broadly, though, you can see the battle lines have been rigidly drawn, and the matter continues to dwindle in overall importance in the Internet space:

linux windows

Oddly, the press seems to be increasingly engaging the topic of Windows (see bottom graph of news volume), despite diminishing overall interest.

How do you spell "shiraz"?

In the ancient wine geek question of "shiraz" vs "syrah", you can see that the new-world "shiraz" wins hands-down over the more old-world "syrah":

shiraz syrah

Even Wikipedia redirects syrah to shiraz!

Us vs Them: How selfish are we?

us them

Friday, January 4, 2008

Flash: Eggnog hotter than ever this New Year's!

hot toddy
One venerable form of hot toddy was called the "Tom & Jerry", a rum-and-eggnog style treat. This nostalgic posting from the 1930's (including recipe) lays out the proper use of this beverage to maintain holiday spirits at high levels.

Sitcoms versus reality tv

So, as sitcoms have declined in interest, reality TV has been on a steady rise, right?
Well, not quite:

sitcom reality tv

Who's the Republican candidate darling of the Internet?

Like this was any kind of surprise to you!

"ron paul" "mitt romney" "rudy giuliani" "john mccain" "mike huckabee"