Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hottest California wine region?

Looks like Napa and Sonoma duke it out each year, leaving Lodi in the dust:





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Greg said...

Sorry to be such a stickler on the analysis, but you need to be a little more careful when faced with an overpowering seasonal trend like the one in this "sonoma" search!

Given the wintertime bump (and keeping in mind what Google is most useful for), I went on a hunch that this came from people searching for Williams-Sonoma Christmas gifts.

In order to disentangle the influence of Christmas shoppers from that of the wine connoisseurs, I searched for "Sonoma" on its own, compared with "Sonoma -williams" and "Sonoma williams". See the results here: Comparison of Sonoma, Williams Sonoma, and Sonoma -Williams .

Your original trend, with this correction added, tells a markedly different story, with Napa clearly in the lead.

Of course it's impossible to get rid of all cross-talk between search terms, but in cases like this where the "noise" is much more powerful than the "signal", it's worth the extra effort in order to try and seek out the truth.